Nordic Championship 2019

Welcome to the
Nordic ARDF Championship

Kongsberg, Norway
August 15th to 18th

Dedicated runners
making challenging tracks
Hosted by
Radio Orienteering Norway
in cooperation with
Kongsberg - LA8Z
local div. of NRRL
Challenging terrain
updated maps
available online
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The would like to welcome ARDF runners to the Nordic ARDF Championship in Norway. The event is located at Kongsberg in the southern part of Norway, 60km from Oslo and has good public transport from Gardermoen and Torp international airports. You can arrive by car with ferries from Denmark or Sweeden.

The terrain consists is mostly fur wood with some marshes, and in Norway the terrain is not flat but cliffs and rocky ground must be expected. Maps are available online, select "Kongsberg O-lag" on this link.


Venue: Kongsberg, Norway

Date: August 16th to 18th 2019


Bulletin 1 Nordic ARDF Championship 2019. Relased 1st December  2018

Bulletin 2 Nordic ARDF Championship 2019. Relased 1st May 2019

Bulletin 3 Nordic ARDF Championship 2019. Relased 15th August 2019


Friday 16th, sprint.

Saturday 17th, classic 2m or 80m. Excursion to silver mines, dinner in the evening.

Sunday 18th, classic 2m or 80m.

Starting fee:

Registration before June 1st 2019:


Registration after June 1st 2019:


Maps online:

Choose Konsberg O-lag:

Communication and transport:

Kongsberg - Oslo, 90km by car

Kongsberg - Gardermoen

131km by car

Train (NSB), 1h45min - 323NOK

Torp - Gardermoen

90km by car

Train (NSB), 2h - from 280NOK

By ferry

Denmark to Larvik or Oslo

Kiel to Oslo

Sweeden, Strømstad to Sandefjord

Please ask us if you don't find a good connecting transport to Konsberg.


Event center and accomodation:

Accomodation and venue center at Kongsberg Vadrerhjem

Prices for one person pr day, including breakfast, bed linen and towels.

3 – 4 bed rooms NOK 365,- pr. pers. (aprx. 36€)
2 - bed rooms NOK 450,- pr. pers. (aprx. 45€)
Single room NOK 720,- pr. pers. (aprx. 72€)

Reservation and payment in NOK must be done direct to the hotel. Rooms are reserved until june 1st, after this date the rooms might not be available.


Other accomodations in Kongsberg:

Quality Hotel Grand, Kongsberg
Best Western Plus Gyldenløve Hotel

Budget alternativies:

Kongsberg Aktivitetspark (for groups only)
Max Camping Jondalen Buskerud


For futher information please send us an email or make a call: