Nordic Championship 2019

Welcome to the
Nordic ARDF Championship
Radioorientering Norge

Kongsberg Norway
16-18 August

Dedicated runners
making challenging tracks
Hosted by
Radio Orienteering Norway
in cooperation with
Kongsberg - LA8Z
div. of NRRL
Challenging terrain
updated maps
available online
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Welcome to all ARDF runners who would like to participate in the Nordic ARDF Championship in Norway 2019. The event is located in Kongsberg in the southern part of Norway and we can promise you a challenging terrain and good maps. The Nordic ARDF Championship is an annual event hosted by the Nordic Radio Amateur Union (NRAU) members in turn (SSA, EDR, SRAL, NRRL). Norwegian Amateur Radio Relay League -NRRL is the host of the championship this year.


Preliminary results sprint. Due to transmitter problems during the race the final results will need som jury discussion. One transmitter was disconnected from the antenna and one transmitter lost part of the antenna.

See the following result page: Nordic ARDF Ch. results



You can registrate your participation here. Note that this link brings you to a Google page.

See who has registrated to the event here


The terrain consists is mostly fur wood with some marshes, and the terrain is not flat in Norway, cliffs and rocky ground must be expected.


When August 16th to 18th 2019

Where Kongsberg, 60km from Oslo, southern part of Norway.


Bulletin 1 Nordic ARDF Ch 2019

Bulletin 2 Nordic ARDF Ch 2019

Bulletin 3 Nordic ARDF Championship 2019.

Invitation to public event

Se invitasjon (Norwegian only)


The Nordic ARDF Championship starts with sprint competition on Friday and Classic 2m and 80m competition on Saturday and Sunday. All runners shall take all transmitters regardless of category. The exception is the beginner category on 80m which shall find three transmitters only.

Classes as in the IARU ARDF Reg-1 championship. Classes will be merged in case of few competitors.

Prizes for each class according to the Nordic ARDF Championship rules. Overall price for best Nordic ARDF competitor for members of the Nordic ARDF Societies. Rules can be downloaded from:

Youth participants

We encourage beginners and youngsters to take part in the event to learn and experience the joy of the sport. We will make dedicated courses (orienteering beginner level) adapted for the youngsters and beginners, and they can be followed (shadowed) by an experienced runner. Three transmitters will be used and located within visual distance from tracks or other guidelines. Free or flexible starting time in the beginner class. This to enable adults to both participate in the main competition and to help own children or other beginners afterwards.

Youth classes are divided into two: Beginners with permission to receive assistance before and during the course and an intermediate class without assistance. Course length will be 1 to 1,5km. All youths will get a price award.


Friday 16th

12:00                    Arrival and registration

14:00 – 15:30     Receiver check, frequencies and transmitter strength

16:30                    Departure sprint

18:00                    Start sprint

19:30                    Estimated last return to event center

Saturday 17th

07:00                    Breakfast

08:00                    Departure first classic

09:30                    Start classic 2m and 80m beginner

13:30                     Estimated last return to the event center

14:00                     Optional excursion time

19:30                     Prize ceremony

20:00                    Ham dinner at the event center

Sunday 18th

07:00                    Breakfast

08:00                    Departure second classic

09:00                    Start classic 80m

13:30                     Estimated last return to the event center

14:00                     Prize ceremony

14:30                     Departure

Starting fee

Starting fee and Ham dinner shall be payed to the organizer. Booking and payment of the
accommodation shall be done direct to Kongsberg Vandrerhjem.

Registration shall be done from our webpage and opens May 1st 2019.

Registration before July 15th.
Booking of hotel before June 1st.

Competition fee H21/W21 and above

Competition Registration before 15th of July After 15th of July
Sprint, 80m and 2m 450 NOK 650 NOK
Single competitions 200 NOK each competition 300 NOK each competition

Youth below 21 years and beginners

Competition Registration before 15th of July After 15th of July
Sprint, 80m and 2m 100 NOK each competition 150 NOK each competition

For all without EMIT badge

EMIT hire 50 NOK
Lost EMIT coverage 500 NOK

Ham party Saturday

Buffet dinner 300 NOK

Maps of the area is available online, choose Kongsberg O-lag:

Map scale 1:10 000, A4 waterproof paper (plastic)

Sprint 1:5000, A4 upscaled from 1:10 000

Timing registration

EMIT badge will be used. Organizers provides badge for hire, 50 NOK for all competitions. Lost badge cost 500 NOK.

Technical info Sprint
Slow Tx                               1-5         3510 kHz
Spectator                            S             3540 kHz
Fast Tx                                1F-5F     3570 kHz
Finish beacon                    MO        3600 kHz
Output power                   1W
Antenna vertical 8m + 3 x 8m radial counterpoise

Technical info 80m classic
Tx                                          1-5         3580 kHz
Finish beacon                    MO        3540 kHz
Output power                   3W
Antenna vertical 8m + 3 x 8m radial counterpoise

Technical info 2m classic
Tx                                          1-5         144.50 MHz
Finish beacon                    MO        144.85 MHz
Output power                   3W         PEP
Antenna, crossed dipole 2m above ground

80m youth/beginner

Tx                                        1-3         3579 kHz
Output power                   3W
Antenna vertical 8m + 3 x 8m radial counterpoise

Control marking

Orienteering triangle 15cm x 15 cm

Restricted areas

Information of the area to be used will be presented on our web page when finally decided upon. Current areas out of bound for training is Funkelia, Heistadmoen and Gamlegrendåsen.

Communication and transport

Kongsberg – Oslo, 90km by carKongsberg – Gardermoen


131km by car

Train (NSB), 1h45min – 323NOK

Torp – Gardermoen

90km by car

Train (NSB), 2h – from 280NOK

By ferry

Denmark to Larvik or Oslo

Kiel to Oslo

Sweeden, Strømstad to Sandefjord

Please ask us if you don’t find a good connecting transport to Konsberg.

Event center and accommodation

Accommodation and venue center at Kongsberg Vadrerhjem

Prices for one person pr day, including breakfast, bed linen and towels.

3 – 4 bed rooms NOK 365,- pr. pers. (aprx. 36€)
2 – bed rooms NOK 450,- pr. pers. (aprx. 45€)
Single room NOK 720,- pr. pers. (aprx. 72€)

Reservation and payment in NOK must be done direct to the hotel. Rooms are reserved until june 1st, after this date the rooms might not be available.

There are other options in Kongsberg available, you must make your own booking

Quality Hotel Grand, Kongsberg (walking distance to the event centre)

Best Western Plus Gyldenløve Hotel (walking distance from the event centre)

Max Camping Jondalen Buskerud (15km from the event centre)

Contact information

 For further information please send us an email or make a call.

Web page

Radioorientering Norge


Telefon:               +47 971 94165 Svein Olsen LA6KCA


NRRL ARDF manager

Jon Sletvold

Telefon:              +47 911 79562