Radio orientering in Norway

From this webpage you will find information of the ARDF (radio orienteering) activity in Norway.

Nordic ARDF Championship

Entries (runners) so far: Finland 8, Sweden 2, Denmark 2, Norway 2.

Are you participating in Oslo from Friday June 28th to Sunday 30th

Radio orienteering is a sport just like normal orienteering finding controls in the forest using a map and compass, and in addition using a radio direction receiver as each control has a radio transmitter sending a beacon signal.

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In Norway most of the ARDF activity is located in the south east area around Oslo. We host local competition almost once a week in the summertime, in addition the Norwegian Championship and the Nordic Championship every fourth year.

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All our events are open for every one who wants to participate, and equipment can be borrowed from us. If you are a beginner, you can take part in one of our beginners events.

We are 10 to 15 regular ARDF runners and a total of 30 people, both young and old. Every year we arrange some 18 to 20 events. These are 2m, 80m, sprint and fox-o competitions. Most of these are part of an ARDF cup in which we calculates the winner based on running time, number of controls, age and sex.

Beginners and visitors are very welcome to our events. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions or wants to participate in the sport.

The clip below is from one of our events.