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Radio Orienteering
Amateur Radio Direction Finding

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LA-ARDF Group is the Norwegian Radio Orienteering Association, and our main activity is radio orienteering. We arrange regular competitions every week from the middle of April to late September.

In Norway the main ARDF activity is found in the south-east part of the country around the capital city Oslo. Visitors and beginners are welcome to participate in our competitions, and you can borrow radio receiver and a compass from the LA-ARDF group.

Most of the information here is in Norwegian. If you want more information about LA-ARDF and radio orienteering, please send an email to members of our board.

Nordic Championship 2009

Date: 1-2 August
Location: Sala,150 km wet of Stockholm.
Link to Sweedish website

Report (Norwegian)
Picture links that I have got 1, 2, 3
Our starting pages >>>
Text and pictures from Estonia

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Proposal of NRAU ARDF competition rules
The new rules have been approved from the NRAU meeting.
Final edition pdf / word

kart trippel Trippel radio orienteering, 2m/80m and classic

Have a look at the tripple ardf event,
2m + 80m + classic orienteering, all in one day.

Here is a movie from the event

Resultater Nordisk Mesterskap 2008
logo_nordisk2007.jpg (153421 bytes) Nordic ARDF Championship 2007

The results from the championship is ready and can be found here:

Results 80m , Results 2m, Photos
Split times: Sprint, 80m og 2m

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Information of the ROF 1 - 2m ARDF receiver.



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acc_skarm.gif (1877 bytes)Nordic Championship rules(22/10-08)
acc_skarm.gif (1877 bytes)Tripple event and Nordic 08 (23/12-07)
acc_skarm.gif (1877 bytes)Nordic Championship (22/05-07)

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Hans Sundgren, Sverige

Photo, Svein Olsen